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5% Lugol's Solution - 100ml Bottle - READ MORE
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LUGOL'S SOLUTION: DUE TO US & INTERNATIONAL IMPORTATION RESTRICTIONS, THIS PRODUCT IS SHIPPED ONLY WITHIN CANADA - The essential element iodine is important for normal functions of the whole human body, not just the thyroid gland. However, due to thyroid fixation, the essential element iodine is mentioned in textbooks of medicine and of the subspecialties, only in connection with the thyroid gland and the most severe deficiencies of this nutrient: extreme stupidity (cretinism), iodine-deficiency induced goiter and hypothyroidism. Many physicians would be surprised to learn that more than a hundred years ago, iodine was called "The Universal Medicine," and was used in several clinical conditions. Nobel Laureate Albert Szent Gyorgyi, (1) the physician who discovered Vitamin C in 1928, commented:

"When I was a medical student, iodine in the form of KI was the universal medicine. Nobody knew what it did, but it did something and did something good. We students used to sum up the situation in this little rhyme:

"If ye don't know where, what, and why

Prescribe ye then K and I."

Our medical predecessors were keen observers and the universal application of iodide might have been not without foundation."

Recent studies on the beneficial effect of adequate intake of iodine (orthoiodosupplementation) in several clinical conditions, may prove indeed that iodine is a universal medicine, or more appropriately, a universal nutrient. (2-13) Only 8 years after the discovery of iodine from seaweed by French chemist Bernard Courtois in 1811, Swiss physician J.F. Coindet who previously used successfully burnt sponge and seaweed for simple goiter, reasoned that iodine could be the active ingredient in seaweed. In 1819, he tested tincture of iodine at 250 mg/day, in 150 goiter patients with great success. He published his results in 1820. (14) Coindet was the first physician to use the newly discovered element iodine in medical practice. Since then, the collective experience of a large number of clinicians from the US over the last century has resulted in the recommended daily amount of 0.1 to 0.3 ml of Lugol, containing from 12.5 to 37.5 mg elemental iodine, for iodine/iodide supplementation. (5,15) The Lugol solution was developed by French physician, Jean Lugol in 1829 for treatment of infectious diseases using oral ingestion of his preparation. (16) The Lugol solution contains 5% iodine and 10% potassium iodide in water. The range of daily intake of Lugol solution for iodine supplementation (12.5 to 37.5 mg iodine) used by our medical predecessors based on clinical observation of the patient's overall wellbeing, turned out to be the exact range of iodine needed for whole body sufficiency.  excerpt from Dr. Guy E Abraham MD

The following information is taken directly from our Lugol's label. Please keep in mind that your dosage is dependent on whether you are using Lugol's as a supplement, or for therapeutic purposes and/or at the advice of a medical practitioner:

Supplemental Dosage (5%): One drop (roughly 6.25 mg).
Directions: Take one drop per day for general health. In times of bacterial or viral infection, take 1/3 tsp. (30-40 drops) three times per week (i.e Monday, Wednesday, Friday), or as recommended by your health care practitioner. Take Lugol’s on an empty stomach about 20 minutes before eating in an 8 oz. (236 ml.) glass of distilled or purified water with one teaspoonful of apple cider vinegar added for slight acidification.
  Transdermal Application - To absorb Lugol's solution through your skin, do not allow Lugol's to pool, as it's weak caustic nature can burn the skin if left.  Simply, dispense with an eye dropper, rub onto the skin to disippate and to avoid pooling on skin.

Lugols loading dose = 2-8 drops daily for 3 months

12.5mg is maintenance dose (2 drops)

Severe hypothryroid can require up to 20mg per day

Lugols: 2 drops= 12.5mg
4 drops=25 mg
8 drops=50 mg
16 drops=100 mg
20 drops=125 mg

Lugol's Solution - 100ml bottle

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