As successful spa OWNERS, we have the hands-on experience with what we teach and share; in other words, what works and what doesn't work. We can apply your vision with our experience to synchronize the journey. Having traveled the globe and worked with some of the top wellness experts, developing & training on some of the most unique and beautiful concepts and modalities; we have experience of being both consumer and consultant. 
Many companies begin with the right intention and depending on their experiences or core values, feel the need to conform their business and/or product to meet certain financial needs. What ends up happening is they essentially forget why they started to begin with; remembering that it is the joy of the ride that will make you successful.
We have a vision for our clients and entrepreneurs to reach their personal and financial goals. We have taken the most challenging product and situation and turned it around; without focusing on the trivial details. We truly create success through our passion and dedication. There is always a place for improvement and restructure; whether your health plan or your work environment or your business; you just need the right direction or incentive to find out where to start. It's actually a lot simpler then you think.
Your work is a huge part of your life and the only way to be fulfilled is by doing it with full intention for success. In order to meet success you must love what you do. Find what you love to do and believe in what you do and let us guide you along the way. We are honoured to be apart of your vision and we look forward to working with you. 


Jade Holistic Spa, Bolton, ON 
"Rod and Ria of the Canso Spa group are a blessing in the beauty industry.  They have always been there to lend their support, educate and participate in our spa events. Our spa events would not be such a success without their participation and hard work.  They`re the best!" - Donna Pace, Owner
The Sunless Store, Florida, USA
"Canso Spa Group has been a wonderful company to work with and we’d highly recommend their services.  They’ve been very professional and honest. The marketing they’ve done for us has well exceeded our expectations and we’re seeing great results!  Thank you so much, Canso Spa Group!" - Kevin & Debby, Owners
 "There are no limitations to the mind, except those we acknowledge;

both proverty and riches are the offspring of thought"

Napoleon Hill - Think and Grow Rich, 1937


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